About Us

Kontra is not your typical application security training company. We don’t believe in basic code quizzes, outdated exercises, or trainings that simply check the box.

Our mission is to provide the most advanced and cutting-edge interactive, web-based developer security simulations and education.

Powered by ThriveDX, our scalable technology revivents and reimages enterprise application security education for the modern developer—all while supporting our pursuit to close the skills shortage in cybersecurity.

Meet the team

  • Gyan Chawdhary

    Gyan Chawdhary

    Founder & CEO

    Previously, Founded and invented Codebashing, the industry's first interactive application security training solution, which was acquired by Checkmarx in 2018.

  • Dmytro Koziatynskyi

    Dmytro Koziatynskyi

    Founder & CTO

    Previously, Senior software developer for Levi9, a leading European software and IT services company.


Kontra Application Security is always open for a win-win collaborations, integrations and partnerships.
Contact us at appsec@thrivedx.com to become a partner.

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